Hi i’m Phil and this is my website today we are going to be talking about the best Penis Pumps and the science behind them.

I have tried various different penis pumps and the pumps on this page are the best pumps that I have used.

These are the best Penis pumps that I have had the fastest and best results from and also that are safe to use. The type of pumps that I have found are the most effective, and safe are called hydropumps.

These pumps are a lot safer and much better than the other types of vacuum penis pumps.

This means that they are designed for best results to be used in water although you can use these without water as well. These are brilliant for many different reasons and can be used to help guys with erection problems. Guys that suffer with Peronies disease which is a curved penis.

They are also an amazing choice for penis enlargement best for extra girth gains but also will help you get a bit of extra length as well.

Trust me the girls love a fatter, longer, and harder penis and these hydropumps will get you exactly where you want to be!

Top Rated Male Enhancement Pumps

These are my top choices of male enhancement pumps, they are both very effective for many different sexual enhancement needs. I found the bathmate had slightly more power but the Penomet was easier to use. Penomet is a really simple to use pump and was easy to change the gators to reduce or increase pumping pressure. If you are new to pumping then Penomet is great for you. If you want maximum pumping power then the Bathmate pump range is for you.

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Penomet is a one size fits all with interchangeable gators for customisable pumping pressure.
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#1 The Bathmate Hydromax Range – The Best Penis Pump


The Bathmate Hydromax range of pumps is the best penis pump that I have ever used.

The results that I got from using this penis pump were epic its amazing even after the first time you use it.

I found it great to use it just before you have sex. The hydromax pump increases your girth instantly after the first use.

I also found it increased my length slightly as well which I didn’t expect.

The Bathmate pump that I used was the Bathmate extreme. This is the same as the Bathmate Pumps but it has a separate hand pump. This allows you to fully customise the pressure to the amount that you require.

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#2 The Penomet Penis Pump One Size Fits All Hydropump Another Top Penis Pump


This Is another great pump that I had great results from to be honest there isn’t much in it.

The Penomet Penis Pump is a best selling penis pump that has been available online since 2011.

What I liked best about using this Penis enlargement device is that you don’t have to try and work out what pump best suits you.

With the Penomet system there is only one size and it fits every sized guy. I thought this takes a lot of confusion out of the equation straight away.

This is also great because you wont need to worry about upgrading your pump or growing out of it.

The Penomet Penis Pump was also far easier to set up and use.

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What Is A Penis Pump?

A penis pump is a device that is mainly used for increasing the size of a guys penis.

These pumps are simply just a vacuum cylinder that you put over your penis.

Men with ED can use one of these devices to gain an erection. Using the vacuum pump to suck the blood into their penis and then use a band to help them stay erect.

If you use one of these pumps for a period of 5 weeks and above you will actually get permanent penis girth and length gains.

How Does A Penis Pump Work?

These particular hydro pump penis pumps are filled with water put over your penis and you pump the water out to make a vacuum.

After you have the pressure that is comfortable for you, you will want to leave the penis pump under pressure for around 10-15mins a day.

A Few Things To Think About When Looking For A Penis Pump

1. Comfort

This is the most important thing I look for when looking at any male enhancement device. After all you don’t want to buy something that is just uncomfortable to use. Both of the choices below are extremely comfortable. I never had any issues with comfort with either of these pumps.

2. Does It Give Good Results?

This is another important thing to look into, you don’t want to spend money on a device that is completely useless. Its not just a waste of money but a complete waste of time. Both of these choices both work very well, the bathmate was more powerful and gave slightly better results but there isn’t much in it. They both give great results that last remember after getting past the 6 week mark you keep the results you have gained.

3. Materials What Is The Pump Made Of?

Some guys are allergic to silicone and I know the gaiters on these pumps are made of a medical grade silicone. So just be certain if you are one of these guys to double check before buying a pump that will cause you problems.

My Final Summary

So these are my top #2 best penis pumps. I have found these to be the best choice from the many different types of pumps that I have previously used.

I tried some of the standard dry penis pumps and I didn’t find them as good as hydro pumps.

#The bathmate Hydromax range of penis pump is the best choice for guys that don’t mind choosing the right size and getting the most power from a penis pump.

#The Penomet penis pump is the best choice for a one size fits all with fully inter changeable gators that are different pressures. This choice is the easiest for usability.

My personal favourite is the bathmate extreme. I also enjoyed using the Penomet and both of these have potential for success.

This is because I found the hand pump excellent for customising the pressure easily on the bathmate extreme. I preferred how easy it was to use the penomet premium pump kit.

If you would like to talk to me about how penis pumps work then feel free to email me you will find my email on the contact page on this website.